Many hotels have committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Striving for “greener” business practices in not only good for the planet, it can also translate to increased profits for a hotel. Here are four simple ways hotels can improve sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Enlist Guests Help

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and are actively looking to support businesses whose values mirror their own. For that reason, hotels should look to enlist their guests to help in their conversation efforts. A good example is asking guests to maximize their towel and linen usage. Encouraging guests to re-use bath towels during their stay has become a common practice in the hotel industry. Hotels can dramatically reduce their water and energy consumption by cutting down on the amount of laundry that needs to be processed daily.

Sustainability Through Maintenance

Hotels lose a great deal of money to water and energy waste each year. A hotel’s maintenance team can play a large roll in reducing these losses. Ensuring that sinks, toilets, and irrigation systems are properly maintained is imperative to keeping water waste at a minimum. Additionally, HVAC systems should be inspected regularly to ensure they are working efficiently to help keep energy expenses down. When it’s time to upgrade items like faucets or light fixtures, hotels should opt for more efficient options. Products like low-flow toilets and LED lighting will help minimize water and energy waste.

Reduce Postconsumer Waste

Part of an operator’s hospitality sustainability efforts should include minimizing landfill contributions. There are many areas where hotels can cut down on the amount of postconsumer waste they generate. First, hotels should perform an audit of their recycling program. Most hotels have systems in place for staff members to recycle glass, paper and plastic products, but there are typically fewer opportunities for guests to do the same. The addition of dedicated recycling receptacles in guest rooms and common areas can help reduce the number of recyclable products that end up in the trash.

Choose Strategic Suppliers

Strategic suppliers can help hotels identify the most environmentally friendly choices for commonly used hospitality supplies. This can include everything from cleaning products to linens and lightbulbs. Hotels should also choose food vendors that can source regional products that require less fuel to deliver. By regularly taking small steps towards becoming more sustainable, hotels can significantly cut down on waste, minimizing their environmental impact while saving money in the process.

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