If you’ve been in the hospitality industry for any length of time, then you are probably aware that guests who continue to come back do so because of the special treatment they receive from your hotel. While we hope that you are already implementing ways to make your guests feel special, we have a few tips to share with you so that you can expand your repertoire.

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1. Details make the difference

Not everyone actively notices the details in life, but the details make a difference in your guests’ experience. Whether or not they consciously notice the arrangement of fresh flowers in their room or the concierge who greeted them with a smile, their brain registers these details on a subconscious level, which translates into them feeling special when they visit your hotel. When you take the time to analyze the texture of your linens, the wattage in your light bulbs, or the number of pillows and towels that are provided in the rooms, your guests will be appreciative. These details are what help set your establishment apart from others.

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2. Be selective about which amenities are free

While gifts are a nice idea to make your guests feel special, they’re not a great idea if they aren’t something that your guests actually want.. The key to choosing something that will make them feel special is to look for the amenities that see a lot of use at your hotel. For example, free WiFi, and a hearty breakfast bar could be the two key items that make your guests feel more at home. If your hotel is near the beach, then consider offering free straw hats or beach totes. Remember, the important factor is to not skimp on the quality of the amenities.

3. Accessibility matters

Some of the most common travelers are families with children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. Make sure that your hotel offers accessibility and accommodations for all of the different types of people who will stay with you.

When you give recommendations of places your guests can visit, be sure to include walking times or distances to expect at each location so that they can gauge the appropriateness of the activity for their ability levels.

Be ready to recommend restaurants and entertainment venues that will appeal to all of your guests: senior citizens, families with children, young couples without children, and single adults.

When it comes to your menus, be sure to highlight items that are safe for those guests who have various food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Make sure that your hotel offers plenty of diaper-changing stations in both men’s and women’s restrooms. Depending on the laws of the state your hotels are located in, they may actually be required to offer diaper-changing stations in a certain number of bathrooms.

4. Anticipate needs

One of the ways you can anticipate needs is by engaging with your guests when they check in. Welcome them with a smile, and follow up with a phone call to their room after they’ve checked in. By asking if they have everything they require in their room, you just might find out if there are some needs that you could meet during their visit. Are they visiting to explore some of the great hiking trails? Provide a surprise bag of trail mix with a handwritten note in their room. Are they looking forward to experiencing some of the great local cuisine? Offer a list of your top five personal favorite restaurants.

5. Gather feedback to tailor personal responses

Gathering feedback from your guests is important so that you can identify the areas where your hotel needs to improve, as well as sending a personal response to each guest. Feedback can be obtained by asking guests to complete an online review of your hotel or a survey they can receive via text. To encourage guests to take the time to provide feedback, try offering something they want such as a discount on their next stay. Best Hotel Breakfast Bar

When you receive feedback, identify areas that need to be strengthened so that you can make sure your guests are always receiving the very best treatment at your hotels. The more special they feel, the more loyal they will be.

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