Questions about Nationally Endorsed Distribution Partner

How does this change my current purchasing operation?

There is no interruption or disruption in your operation as you continue purchasing directly with our nationally endorsed distribution partner. Orders are delivered directly to your back door. When you enroll, you are gaining access to the same great distributor via a new national contracted program.

Why should I use this program?

Source1 Purchasing, who powers the Buyers’ Marketplace, is an expert in food service supply initiatives with a wide range of expertise, including hands-on operations. We take a partnership, team-building approach that adds value to all operational relationships. We understand key commodity drivers and market factors, and we maintain partnerships with best-in class providers. The right products, at the best price. You’ll be happy with the impact to your bottom line.

Why not do this internally?

Implementation of new initiatives requires special skills, which may be in short supply internally. The Buyers’ Marketplace has the expertise and resources available to rapidly deploy new programs with success so your internal resources never have to stop building customer satisfaction and company growth.

I need to control key proprietary items. Is this possible?

With this program, you can continue to source key products and negotiate with key manufacturers. This flexibility allows our customers to focus resources while having coverage over the entire spectrum of products.

I have a great agreement. Why would I take time for this?

You may be right, but how do you keep on top of an ever-changing market? With the Buyers’ Marketplace, you have the best agreement and the operational expertise necessary to manage produce, meat and fluid dairy. When you work with the procurement experts at Source1 Purchasing, you can focus your attention on your customers and your company’s growth.

Why do distributors charge a delivery fee if I do not meet the minimum delivery requirements?

The program has already pre-negotiated contracted level pricing on your behalf. Because of your membership with Buyers’ Marketplace, you have access to these discounted prices with our national distributor. Like any membership program, there has to be purchasing requirements to maintain pricing discounts with preferred partners which provide exceptional benefits compared to a regular “street” account.

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is made up of all the manufacturers and suppliers who provide the products and/or services that serve an operation or industry. Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers.