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    The Culinary Institute LeNotre is one of the largest cooking and pastry chef schools in Houston, Texas—a culinary arts college with a rich tradition, cutting-edge quality, and international respect. The school’s veteran team of world-class chef instructors and expert faculty help students prepare for exciting careers in the culinary and hospitality industries.  Culinary Institute LeNotre offers degree and diploma programs in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, and hospitality and restaurant management and earn Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Diplomas in the culinary arts — but often the cost of that education can be out of reach for certain students. For that reason, full scholarships and financial aid are available to those who qualify.  Through their partnership with Source1 Purchasing, Culinary Institute LeNotre has applied all funds saved through Source1 Purchasing simplified rebate program and put those dollars to work for student scholarships – providing education for the next generation of chefs and hospitality industry executives.


    By automatically keeping track of your purchasing and facilitating the rebate process, Source1 Purchasing makes getting money back painless and easy for partners. With one check — coming from a single source — delivered once every quarter, Source1 Purchasing partners can spend their time putting those dollars to work for their organization. In the case of Culinary Institute LeNotre, they’ve used the money provided by their use of Source1 Purchasing to help fund scholarships for promising students. “The rebate is held in our in-house scholarship fund and awarded to deserving students,” said Kris Jakob, Vice President/Director of Culinary Arts. The Culinary Institute LeNotre Board reviews applicants’ essays, work experience and professional recommendation letters to determine who they believe show promise as industry leaders.


    “At Source1 Purchasing we think getting money back through a rebate program should be as hassle-free as possible,” said Scott Hoffmire, President and CEO Source1 Purchasing. “It’s extremely rewarding to know that this money will continue to provide education to future experts in our industry.”


    “The scholarships are presented in dollar amounts that usually range from $500 to $5,000 per year, and the scholarships are given every 10 weeks,” said Jakob.  Beyond the rebate, Jakob has also been extremely pleased with the positive impact Source1 Purchasing has provided for their bottom line. “We also benefit from the significant savings and have seen an increase in our overall operational efficiency,” he said.





    Cooper Hotels is a significant player in the lodging industry with a portfolio of consisting of 21 properties including 17 full-service food and beverage hotels, valued in excess of $100 million. In today’s highly segmented hotel market, Cooper knows it must successfully distinguish itself from a wide array of competitors. As a family owned company with properties from Detroit through the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, Cooper grows and develops the company by taking advantage of strategic opportunities.  One such opportunity was in partnering with Source1 Purchasing.

    Before Cooper Hotels began working with Source1 Purchasing, its purchasing was decentralized and there was no bundling of products. By partnering with Source1 Purchasing, Cooper was able to centralize purchasing and “tackle the monster,” according to Andy Laubscher, Corporate Director of Food and Beverage.


    When Cooper Hotels began using Source1 Purchasing roughly three years ago, Laubscher had no idea how much he would come to rely on the company and the services they provide. “Source1 Purchasing is extremely customer-oriented and they put themselves in your shoes – they don’t just know their job, they know our job!”

    Source1 Purchasing helped Cooper Hotels create purchasing specs and standards, which “made everyone’s jobs easier,” and provided an enormous cost savings. In addition to being able to provide better pricing, Laubscher says Source1 Purchasing also provided Cooper the tools they needed to improve efficiency.  “Source1 Purchasing was able to show us purchasing patterns, and increase our profitability.”


    Ordering everything from produce to chef’s uniforms, Source1 Purchasing made the purchasing process much easier in the field. Laubscher says the Compliance Reports provided by Source1 Purchasing allows the properties to see how they are performing in comparison to each other and a healthy competition has developed.

    “The cost savings has positively impacted our bottom line, but the biggest success – which I couldn’t anticipate – was how standardizing our product, and creating the SOP for the people at the hotels, would improve the way we do business.”

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