In the fast-paced, grab-and-go kitchen environment, time is everything. Although some ingredients and recipes are best made from scratch, bringing quality pre-made products into your kitchen can save time and ultimately make for a more efficient atmosphere.

While pre-made ingredients almost always create efficiency in any situation, using shelf-stable products can drive down food preparation time even more. Some foods require refrigeration, or have a certain shelf life time that needs to be carefully monitored—however, shelf stable foods allow you the flexibility to store them in either dry or refrigerated locations without affecting shelf life.

Integrating these types of products, such as shelf stable tortillas, can bring immediate benefits to your kitchen:

Storage flexibility. Shelf-stable means exactly what it sounds like: you can store these types of goods wherever it’s most convenient for you and your kitchen staff.

Less prep. In addition to the flexibility of storage, shelf-stable products are also ready to go right out of the bag, which means there is virtually no prep time—which allows orders to fly out the door even faster. Utilizing the benefits of shelf stability can satisfy customers’ increasing demand for fresher, more authentic food. While guests enjoy these benefits, you and your kitchen staff will benefit from the time and flexibility created by shelf-stable products.

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