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What Is a GPO?

As the name implies, a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) leverages the power of their many members to obtain products and services at reduced costs. The combined spend leads to increased buying power, and the diffused spend of many leads to the purchasing power of one.

Industries that have successfully utilized this type of service include healthcare, manufacturing, education, construction, and hospitality.

Of course, not all GPOs are created equal. Some work exclusively with large broadline distributors, leaving specialty products usually purchased from smaller suppliers still in the hands of the organization.

Then there are the GPOs that work with all types of suppliers, such as Source1 Purchasing, your one-stop-shop for purchasing solutions.

How Does a GPO Benefit a Casino?

In many ways, casinos are made for GPOs. They combine the hospitality and food service sectors and have unique purchases specific to their industry. A GPO that understands this unique business can help them increase their bottom line, provide a safe and flexible supply chain, increase the quality, and provide the detailed data analytics that makes for knowledgeable and accurate decisions and forecasts.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the many benefits.

Casino Solutions that Increase Value and Decrease Costs

Many casino operators think of GPOs as a proven method to cut food costs, but they are so much more than that. Quality GPOs also provide casinos with reduced costs and a consistent supply of other products and services. If you purchase it, a proficient and large-scale GPO can usually acquire it.

From sheets to towels, paper goods, kitchen supplies, and other products, a GPO utilizes their many suppliers, casino solutions, and their expertise to find the right solutions and contracts for their members.

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Integrates Best-Practices in Procurement Strategies

GPOs can help their members optimize spend and create a solid and undisrupted supply chain by providing both broadline distributors and local suppliers across a diverse product listing. This type of access can lead to a solid and secure supply chain, an important consideration in today’s changing economic and global environment.

Utilizing a GPO’s procurement processes also relieves the pressure from the internal procurement specialists. In some organizations, their time is divided with portions devoted to researching procurement opportunities while others are putting out fires when supplies are delayed or damaged.

Instead of having to deal with multiple suppliers, a casino and their team simply deal directly with their GPO.

Many organizations and casinos have turned to Source1 Purchasing for this reason alone. Working with a trusted procurement partner has relieved untold stress, reduced costs, and increased value. Controlling inventory, sourcing vendors, and acquiring the highest quality products for the lowest costs are the benefits of working with a GPO. What we like to call, Group Purchasing, that’s personal!

Provides a Transparent and Safe Supply Chain

A quality GPO vets their suppliers. They ensure that each one operates under certain codes, regulations, and standards. This may include required certifications from Safe Quality Food (SQF), the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), or the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Each of these food safety programs ensures that manufacturers are operating under solid HACCP plans, have specific qualifications for their suppliers, and have developed a quickly-implemented product recall plan.

While important to any business, a casino’s reputation as a trustworthy brand that exceeds customer service and expectations is even more vital. Your guests are, after all, spending quite a bit more in the entertainment aspect of your successful business model.

Controls Quality Standards

Controlling quality standards means more than ensuring suppliers are operating under safe food guidelines. It also means that the GPO has researched the many suppliers for the different products to ensure that their members are receiving best-in-class products at reduced pricing.

These savings come in the form of direct pricing as well as rebates.

Why Source1 Purchasing Is the Trusted GPO For Casino Solutions

As one of the leading GPOs in the hospitality and casino segment, Source1 Purchasing offers more than $12 billion in purchasing power. We work with more than 1,000 suppliers and lead the industry with over 165,000 rebated line items.

Even more important than these significant numbers are our procurement specialists that have worked with casinos to supply and institute best-practices. A detailed analytics and contract evaluation maximizes spend and can lead to significant savings.

Maintaining quality at reduced costs while ensuring an undisrupted and transparent supply chain is our goal. Call us to determine if Source1 Purchasing is the right solution for your organization.

Click HERE to view our webinar with TribalValue focused on foodservice purchasing trends and solutions for Tribal Casino Operators!

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