Two decades ago, only two U.S. states had legal gambling and 48 states outlawed it. Today, 48 states have some form of legal gambling. Only Hawaii and Utah do not.

While the total number of gambling outlets has multiplied, the size of the overall gambling market has not. “The national casino market is saturated,” said Lucy Dadayan, a senior policy analyst at the Rockefeller Institute of Government who has studied both commercial and Native American casinos. “Casinos are ‘cannibalizing’ each other in several markets.” As a result, casinos must find novel ways to attract and retain customers.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd
One way casinos can differentiate themselves is by enhancing their food and beverage programs. Examples of this include reward programs where points earned from gambling can be redeemed for food purchases, employing top chefs, offering specialty menu items, and delivering dining “experiences” rather than mere meals, etc.

With new restaurants, more menu choices for in-room dining, high-end buffets, new gaming table snacks, and an array of specialty dishes, casino operators must be smart about food and beverage purchasing. Many casino operators are opting to work with partners such as Source1 Purchasing to help them lower food costs, improve their bottom line and generate additional revenue.

The Source1 Purchasing Solution
Save money with collective buying, pre-negotiated pricing with suppliers, and earned rebates. With Source1 Purchasing, you’ll get the ingredients you need when you need them so you can offer outstanding dining experiences that will keep your guests coming back. You will:

  • save money through pre-negotiated pricing on products, services and supplies
  • eliminate processing charges to capture full earned rebates.
  • connect online to more than 750 manufacturer brands and thousands of high-quality products and lowest cost options.
  • increase compliance to brand and quality standards to build customer loyalty.

Best of all, you’ll avoid up-front costs, ongoing fees, compliance minimums and long-term contracts.

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