Hotel managers know how much small details can play a large roll in a customer’s experience. That’s why linens play such an important role in the hotel industry. Bedding and towels can have a major impact on a guest’s impression of your hotel, so it’s worth investing in linens that will make a good impression. Here are three things to consider when choosing the best hotel bedding for your establishment.


Hoteliers should never skimp on quality when it comes to bed linens and towels. High-quality linens will not only delight guests, they also have a longer lifespan which can save your hotel money over time. One common myth about purchasing towels and sheets is that you should always buy items with the highest thread count possible. While it’s generally true that a higher thread count is more desirable, fabric quality will ultimately determine how soft your towels and sheets are. Another quality indicator is the length of a sheet’s fibers. Longer fibers add durability to fabric and help reduce snags and pilling. Before purchasing any linens, ask your supplier to provide as much information about their product as possible and always request samples before making your final purchase.


When it comes to linens, opting for a natural fabric like cotton is your best choice. Cotton is durable, easy to care for, and sustainable. Cotton is a breathable fabric which helps keep guests cool throughout the night, allowing for a better sleeping experience. If possible, choose organic cotton linens that are free of pesticides and other chemicals. The chemicals found in conventional cotton products may serve as irritants to guests with allergies and skin sensitives.


After investing in quality hotel bedding, it’s important to maintain them properly. Your hotel’s cleaning staff should be instructed to treat any stains prior to washing linens. Further, it’s important that sheets and towels are always washed per the manufacturer’s care instructions. For cleaning products, choose a supplier that specializes in cleaning solutions that will help extend the life of your linens. Caring for your linens properly will ensure that they remain in like-new condition for many uses.

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