Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the number one meal eaten at hotels. There are many reasons why it’s critical for you to provide your guests with a great breakfast dining experience.

  • Your guests expect quality and consistency between locations, including having a reliably delicious start to their day.
  • Breakfast is the final impression guests have of an establishment before checkout, so it’s important that it be a positive one.
  • Emotionally, there’s just something reassuring about waking up in a strange city and knowing your first meal is ready and waiting for you.

If your guests remember having a hot breakfast at one of your hotels, they will expect the same if they stay at another in a different location. Guests want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when they stay at a specific hotel brand they will receive the same level of service and quality.

It’s clear that compliance with breakfast brand standards must be monitored and enforced. But how can you possibly get 100% compliance with your quality standards? You need to have a measurable, scalable system to help you establish, monitor and enforce your procurement processes.

A Recipe for Success
To achieve quality and consistency, many hotel operators have discovered the power of working with a partner such as Source1 Purchasing. With the Source1 Purchasing e-marketplace, each of your locations can order from one central location, which helps ensure that the same high-quality ingredients are being used throughout the system.

In addition, Source1 Purchasing uses software that collects, tracks and reports on the breakfast items that your other locations are purchasing. By reviewing “usage reports,” management can analyze the procurement data and review each individual property for compliance. Operators can then take actionable steps to improve their brand compliance and, in turn, their customer service.

The Source1 Purchasing Solution
The added value of partnering with Source1 Purchasing is that all your locations will benefit from lower prices. You will save money with collective buying, pre-negotiated pricing with suppliers, and earned rebates. You will:

  • increase compliance to brand and quality standards to build customer loyalty.
  • track your purchasing ROI for all locations using a secure, online portal.
  • save time and effort with a single, central location to access all supplier profiles and product guides.
  • activate strategic sourcing with the option of BirchStreet’s platform to approve, order, track and pay for goods.
  • save money in every category through pre-negotiated pricing applied to thousands of food and beverage products.

Best of all, you’ll avoid up-front costs, ongoing fees, compliance minimums and long-term contracts.

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