It’s essential for restaurant owners to keep up with the latest consumer trends and adapt to those changes if they want to be successful. To keep you updated, we have created a list of some of the new consumer trends of this year.

Quality over price. We typically relate higher sales with lower prices, but recent studies prove otherwise. It has been determined that high quality foods and freshness are more important to consumers than price. To adapt to this change in customer priorities, avoid compromising quality just to offer lower prices.

Redefining “healthy.” Consumers are becoming more concerned with their diets, and are therefore demanding healthier dining options. However, while in the past healthy options have been “sugar free” or “low fat”, today’s consumers prefer food options that are “natural.” This shows that consumers want to know where their food is coming from.  To appeal for today’s health-conscious consumers, you can try and include the following concepts in your menu: gluten-free, organic, local, and sustainable.

Diversity is key. The population is always growing and becoming more diverse, so adding diverse and exotic ingredients to your menu items will help you adapt to this trend. Try incorporating “regional” items into your menu, or recipes that are associated with a specific place or community. You can also feature recipes from various parts of the world that can be made with local ingredients – this gives you the opportunity to be creative!

The rise of mobile orders. It’s no surprise that consumers are becoming more dependent on the Internet and their mobile devices, so it’s understandable that mobile and online orders actually have higher totals than traditional channels. On average, those who opt to place an order online select larger, more expensive portions than those who order via the phone or in the restaurant. Additionally, restaurants see an 11% increase in orders every month when they embrace online and mobile ordering.

As consumers change their demands and expectations, you must adapt to meet their needs. The Source1 Purchasing Program helps you stay informed on these needs to ensure efficiency and success of your business. Visit our website at to learn more about the Source1 Program and how we can benefit your establishment

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