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Creative Concepts

Each issue of Datassential Creative Concepts explores an important new trend that operators are making a core focus of their business, along with profiles of notable concepts across the US.


Datassential Creative Concepts Apr 2015Apr 2015 Datassential Creative Concepts July 2015Jul 2015 Datassential Creative Concepts Aug 2015Aug 2015 Datassential Creative Concepts Nov 2015Nov 2015
April’s issue looks at food trends and concepts showcased at the hottest new food halls with consumer appeal data on these dishes.
July’s issue dives into the latest innovations in coffee and tea.
This issue reviews the country’s most innovative college and university dining programs and their trend-forward concepts.
November’s issue looks at how Asian-inspired fast casuals are capitalizing on key industry trends like customization and health.


On The Menu

Each month, On The Menu features 6 key trends you need to know plus the latest updates from the nation’s top chains.

Datassential On the Menu Jan 2015Jan 2015 Datassential On the Menu Feb 2015Feb 2015 Datassential On the Menu Mar 2015Mar 2015 Datassential On the Menu Apr 2015Apr 2015
This issue explores the menu adoption cycle while also exploring the warming spice of Sichuan peppercorn, Italian liqueurs and more. Datassential discovers how chefs are using vibrant global flavors. Top trends of 2015 are also covered.  This issue discovers how familiar ingredients are being used in new ways. How are operators using unique items like sformato? This issue dives into what items major restaurant chains reintroduced this March because of popular demand. Also covered are 6 menu trends like Italian desserts.
May 2015 Jun 2015 Jul 2015 Aug 2015
 May’s issue shows operators new ways to add some flair to menus with international dishes like Korean bulgogi and popular tapas meals. This month’s issue discovers on-trend beverages that take the menu from winter to summer. July’s edition takes a look at escolar and discovers international favorites like Thai iced tea. This issue includes a taste of Calabrian peppers and  also covers how operators are using pastrami, bourbon, and feta cheese.
Sep 2015 Oct 2015 Nov 2015 Dec 2015
 Covered this month is how tea smoking imparts a delicate tea flavor into meats, fish, and poultry. This month’s issue discovers the flavor of anise in two different trends and also checks out the rich, bold flavors of miso and balsamic glazes. This month’s issue covers flavors and dishes from around the globe, yet stays close to home and checks in on raisins, beer cheese and the “bowl” trend. December’s On the Menu looks at grains in two ways – from operators who are milling grains and flours in-house to rye. How are operators displaying holiday spirit?