It’s no secret how popular the environmentally friendly movement has gotten over recent years. Now it seems everywhere we look businesses are going the extra mile with eco-friendly practices, including the hospitality industry. Incorporating green choices and features into your hotel’s operations not only has the ability increase cost savings, but overall guest experience as well.

The CNN article, “Hotel Towel Dilemma: Replace or Reuse?” found that green options and features can have a positive impact on guest experience. Guests who partake in the green initiatives offered by hotels have reported to have more positive experiences than the guests who do not participate.

Now hotels are offering features such as, eco-friendly disposable plates and silverware, recycled coffee cup sleeves and water and energy efficient in-room appliances and fixtures, and the choice to reuse towels instead of replacing them with new ones.

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, “57 percent of participants said they “often” make eco-friendly travel decisions, such as their choice of hotel, transportation, or food source.” In addition, half of those surveyed were recorded saying they would spend more money to stay at an eco-friendly hotel.

In an effort to help you increase guest experience, we embrace sustainability in a variety of ways, including: meeting the demand for sustainable products, including regional fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy, supporting small farms and local economies and reducing our own carbon and water footprint.

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