It’s imperative that hotels have an effective water management plan in place. Not only is important to protect this natural resource, excess water use can also be detrimental to your operating budget. Water conservation in hotels can be tricky, but many have found creative ways to decrease daily water usage. For example, enlisting guests’ help in water reduction efforts by asking them to do things like reuse towels can be very helpful in reducing a hotel’s day to day water use. However, it is outside of your hotel where the most water waste can occur.

Outdoor green spaces on a hotel property can be huge drains on your monthly water budget. Landscaping, swimming pools, and onsite golf-courses require an immense amount of water to maintain. For that reason, hotels must be very diligent about their water management plan when it comes to these outdoor areas. It’s easy for your maintenance team to unknowingly use more water than necessary without a proper water conservation and management plan in place.

Water Management for Landscaping

The truth is, landscaping is very important to your hotel’s image. Beautiful outdoor green spaces have a huge effect on a guest’s impression of your establishment. Lush landscaping can increase your property’s value in the eyes of your customers. The challenge for property managers comes in finding a balance between maintaining the aesthetic of their green spaces while conserving water.

An effective water maintenance plan should include a strategic irrigation schedule that changes season by season, as well as regular inspection of any sprinklers, pumps, and other irrigation equipment. Being proactive about spotting problems before they become too large can go a long way in avoiding water waste.

Get Professional Help

Enlisting the help of a water management professional can be extremely beneficial for a hotel. A qualified service provider will be able to conduct a thorough audit of your outdoor water usage. From there, they can offer you some water saving solutions such as water recycling, rainwater collection, and more. Further, they will be able to pinpoint any leaks or other sources of water waste that are cutting into your water budget.

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