Entertainment Purchasing Programs

  • Gaming or Casinos
  • Water or Amusement Parks
  • Cultural Attractions
  • Arenas, Stadiums and Race Tracks
  • Cruise lines

To attain customer loyalty, it’s essential to have the quality products that they love. Does superior quality always results in higher price? It doesn’t have to. Procurement management allows you to purchase the products that you need at a reduced price. By teaming up with an extensive network of suppliers, Source1 Purchasing allows you the opportunity to select the best options to run a cost-efficient business without sacrificing quality.

  • Combat rising costs and increase your profitability
  • Work with an experienced team
  • Get the best products at the best prices

Food, supply and equipment costs account for over 50% of an annual budget. With escalating commodity prices, rising fuel prices and general food and supply inflation, Source1 Purchasing is a resource that allows you to control costs without compromising quality. When an operation wants to reduce purchasing costs and reach higher profitability, they contact Source1 Purchasing.

Learn More about how Source1 Purchasing can help you control costs and overcome challenges, your complete purchasing solution.

  1. Immediate Savings

    Source1 Purchasing delivers sophisticated yet easy-to-use procurement with leveraged buying power… for easier management, reporting and analytics of all purchasing decisions as well as historical and forecasted transactions

    1. Source1 Purchasing provides a fully managed, no-risk procurement network comprised of 800+ national and regional suppliers with deviated pricing, rebates and net invoice pricing, free of shelters, commissions and fees.
    2. Source1 Purchasing has pre-negotiated distribution agreements with leading national and regional specialty distributors to offer the goods and services operators need, where they’re needed.
    3. Source1 Purchasing is easy and quick to set up to seamlessly integrate with clients’ current operations and delivery schedules.
    4. Source1 Purchasing offers scalability and flexibility with its multiple program levels and unconditional 60-day opt-out.
  2. Optimized Value

    Source1 Purchasing delivers optimized value as former operators who understand how brands can influence customer perceptions for assurance of a consistently great customer experience, loyalty and referrals.

      1. Source1 Purchasing has trained support staff with backgrounds in operations and procurement, ready to advise on brand selection and special offers.
      2. Source1 Purchasing provides extraordinary advisory services like menu engineering and costing, product samplings, labor-saving ideas and more.
      3. Source1 Purchasing can perform “market basket analysis” to justify switching brands.
  3. Manageable Analytics

    Source1 Purchasing has decades of procurement experience to ensure quality, manage pricing and inflation risks, guard against unauthorized buying and alert clients to purchasing trends.

      1. Source1 Purchasing provides customized order guides with web-enabled order entry.
      2. Source1 Purchasing offers audit and compliance reporting services for national and regional vendors.
      3. Source1 Purchasing provides a 99.7% capture rate of all data needed for usage and compliance reporting.