Pictured above at Feeding South Florida, Boynton Beach FL (left to right): Ben Ryder, Emma Ryder, Gabriela Diaz, Larry Lombardo, Lina Ryder, Gabriela Gil, Becky Magaw, Peter Mole, Georgette Cartagena.

Source1 Purchasing team members volunteered, once again, for Feeding South Florida!

The Feeding Florida state network provided almost 200 million pounds of food last year alone. Additionally, they are the leading domestic hunger-relief organization committed to transforming lives in South Florida communities.

The organization provides immediate access to nutritious food, leading hunger and poverty advocacy efforts, and innovative programming and education.

This past Saturday June 30th, the Source1 Purchasing team dedicated their morning to sort and package food and non-food items. With great efforts, the pallets provided were cleared in a matter of 3 hours, proving there is strength in numbers.

Along with other volunteers, Source1 Purchasing volunteers salvaged 3,993 lbs. of items out of the 6,731 lbs. donated to the organization by local residents and grocery stores.

The items salvaged will provide an amazing 3,611 meals in our South Florida community.

These efforts are yet another way our team shows core value #5: “Unity is Strength,” and what better way to do it for the benefit of our community.

Follow this initiative by using #SummerHungerEndsHere on social media.

For ways on how you can contribute to our South Florida community through Feeding South Florida, please visit: feedingsouthflorida.org

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