This holiday season, we are highlighting our commitment to the Global Opportunity (GO) Fund by making a financial donation on behalf of our member customers, suppliers and partners. Sara Davie (CAO of Buyers Edge) is the Executive Director and Founder of the Fund, a non-profit organization that promotes the empowerment and enrichment of the lives of women and children in Africa. Go Fund works hand-in-hand with African-based grassroots organizations to simultaneously build their capacity to serve their own communities while launching sustainable development projects that will carry on their work for years and generations to come.



The Source1 Purchasing team in Lake Worth Beach, FL recently donated their old smart devices to the Global Opportunity (GO) Fund. Breathing new life into old phones, tablets and iPads usually doesn’t take a complex set of tools. In many cases, handsets can be reborn with the help of just a screwdriver and a toothbrush sprayed with alcohol to clean the contact heads.
























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