The purchasing manager plays a vital role in the success of any hotel. A stable supply chain affects everything from customer satisfaction to the overall profitability of a hotel. For that reason, it’s incredibly important that hotels fill this role with the right person. Your purchasing manager should possess a good mix of experience and skills that are central to their position.

Qualities of a Great Purchasing Manager


When hiring a purchasing manager for your hotel, you should strive to find a candidate that has past experience working in hotel supply procurement. Many hotels will hire someone who has done purchasing for a business outside of the hospitality industry. However, the intricacies of hospitality procurement require someone who is familiar with hotels and the way they operate.


A purchasing manager must be very analytical and possess the ability to think on their feet. At the core of their position, a purchasing manager must ensure that their hotel has all the supplies needed for daily operations. They must also project how demands for certain supplies will fluctuate throughout the year. In addition, a purchasing manager is responsible for managing a large portion of their hotel’s budget. However, they must be able to make purchasing decisions that are not solely based on price alone. There are times when it’s best to choose quality over quantity.

Trend Spotter

Seasoned hospitality purchasing managers are typically able to spot emerging trends in the hotel industry. This is especially true when it comes to food and beverage programs. When a particular item is gaining popularity among hotel customers, such as Greek yogurt or “Grab and Go” food items, a savvy purchasing manager will discover these trends and make these items available to their hotel guests.


The entire team should be filled with people of great integrity; however, this is especially true when it comes to your purchasing manager. It is not uncommon for suppliers to try to woo purchasing managers with gifts and other incentives in an effort to get them to buy their products. However, a purchasing manager must be able to resist these temptations and make decisions based on what is best for their hotel.

Partnership Building

Relationships play an important role in a successful purchasing program. A purchasing manager must be good at forming strategic partnerships with the right suppliers. Source1 Purchasing can give your purchasing manager the tools they need to form these relationships and stabilize your supply chain. Contact Source1 Purchasing today to learn about our strategic supplier program.



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