As a hotel general manager, you serve as its top executive, responsible for strategy, structure, budgets, people and financial outcomes. One minute you may be acting as concierge, the next, presenting your quarterly budget to top management and the next, helping a guest find a lost wallet. You’re constantly juggling the needs of various groups:

  • Key functional managers and staff – overseeing hiring and development programs, as well as listening, collaborating, motivating and giving personnel the tools they need to get the job done
  • Executive managers – implementing strategies to grow the business, pursuing targeted goals, and making key investments in equipment, infrastructure and talent
  • Guests – dealing with daily emergencies and customer requests, insuring the overall quality of the hotel’s offerings and tracking key customer activities

Finding a balance among these competing activities, people and priorities can put a strain on you and your resources.

We’re Your Tag Team

Source1 Purchasing is the partner you need to help keep these balls in the air. Our purchasing solutions will help you meet the needs of your diverse stakeholders and save you time and money. Our collective purchasing solution will help your employees do their jobs more efficiently, help you manage the financial expectations of senior management and, most importantly, help you provide exceptional guest experiences.

The Source1 Purchasing Solution

Your employees will have easy online access to high-quality, brand-approved products while saving the time it takes to manage suppliers, invoices and rebates. Your hotel’s procurement costs will be transparent to your executive management team. And, your guests will be consistently delighted. You’ll:

  • activate strategic sourcing and approve, order, track, receive and pay for goods.
  • have centralized access to supplier profiles and product guides.
  • save money through pre-negotiated pricing on thousands of food and beverage and operating supplies.
  • improve buying efficiency using comparative analytics and performance dashboards.
  • gain insights from data and purchasing patterns provided by account support experts.

Best of all, you’ll avoid up-front costs, ongoing fees, compliance minimums and long-term contracts.

Take your next step toward greater profit with the Source1 Purchasing Solution.
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