The most consistent factor that goes into continuous guest loyalty is perceived quality. According to recent studies, guest perception of the value provided by hotel management is down in the United States. Here we’ve provided you with a list of what guests value most in order to help you better understand what drives value, how guest preferences have changed over the past year, and how to improve hotel guest satisfaction.

Adequate Room Lighting: It is fairly simple to get hotel room lighting right – or wrong. Lights that don’t work correctly are obvious, disappointing, and even more aggravating, which in turn drops value perceptions. When a guest complains about lighting, it should be fixed immediately, not ignored.

Internet Access: In 2012, a USA Today survey revealed that the favorite hotel amenity of guests was Wi-Fi over everything else. Now more than ever, guests still place a high value on Internet access making it an important part of a brand’s value proposition. When determining if your Internet offering will meet guest expectations, consider the following:

  • Does it work?
  • What is the bandwidth like?
  • How does a guest access the Internet?
  • Is it free?

According to a June 2013 survey by, 67 percent of travelers felt that in-room Wi-Fi was the most important hotel service they look for when booking. Many guests are able and want to be able to access the Internet through their tablets and smartphones, however, one-third of U.S. hotels do not have free Wi-Fi available to them.

Comfortable Furniture: Guest comfort establishes a standard for guest value. As competition among hotel operators increases, guests have more opportunities to travel and compare services and offerings. Hoteliers who decided to put off renovations a few year back should now consider making those changes in order to keep up with competitors. Even today with what all guests expect as far as complimentary amenities, this fact remains the same, the focal point of guest satisfaction is consistently a comfortable place to sleep for a reasonable price.

Top-Notch Service: Exceptional service is always a necessity in the hospitality industry. This aspect not only accounts for a 10-15 percent improvement in loyalty, but that outstanding service also stimulates a guest’s emotional experience, positively affecting their perceived value.

When it comes to improving value for price, you should focus on delivering the things that improve value perceptions. From this, we have learned that guests value Internet and lighting that works correctly, a comfortable place to rest, and excellent service. However, it is also important to remember that guest preferences change regularly and you should continue to communicate with your guests, and research hotel Industry trends to ensure you’re adapting to these changes.

Rather than having to cut rates to improve hotel guest satisfaction, hotel operators may consider adopting better purchasing practices to reduce operational costs. Source1 Purchasing is a leading strategic supply chain management group focused on cost management, savings and operational efficiencies for the hospitality industry.

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