Are you searching for that elusive edge to get a leg up on your competition? You might be surprised to
realize how close you are to the solution. As a hotel restaurant, you may feel like you can only focus on
hotel guests, but why not expand your vision?

What sets you apart from your competition is whether or not you have a well-planned restaurant along with purchasing best practices that reflect current food and beverage trends. According to an article on, a quality restaurant already provides a convenient dining experience for guests because they have the luxury of dining without leaving the hotel. If you really want to enhance your hotel’s reputation and edge out your competition, you will need to think outside the box with your food and beverage purchasing.

Implementing these best practices can help you use your cuisine to transform your restaurant into a favorite destination in your community, which helps fuel and sustain your potential growth. New purchasing best practices are necessary to reach customers beyond the hotel property.

Locally-sourced food and beverages provide numerous choices to complement your current menu. You may feel that this type of procurement outsourcing will be beyond your budget or that you’re wasting resources because you are uncertain of the outcome. However, you need to be mindful of purchasing food and beverages that diners are excited to experience, such as local fresh food and beverages. Nutrition and diet continues to become more relevant as customers are becoming more aware and involved with their food intake. They want fresh and, if possible, organic food.

You should also research your competition so you can strategically implement a new purchasing perspective. Focus on your real competitor. Although your restaurant is located inside a hotel, your competitors are not. Local, free-standing restaurants have been profiting from local business while you have been depending mostly on guests at the hotel.

You can unlock your potential growth if you are willing to get creative. Think beyond traditional food offerings and adopt new purchasing best practices.

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