With endless amounts of food, drink, and entertainment waiting just beyond their doors, casinos are a huge draw for adults looking to have some fun. There is, however, a rising trend of guests looking for experiences beyond the buffets and rows of slot machines. Many customers are now calling for more health-centered dining and activity options. For casinos seeking to cash in on this trend, becoming a health and wellness destination doesn’t have to mean abandoning their roots. It is possible for healthier dining and activities to seamlessly coexist with a casino’s existing offerings.

Although casinos have long been synonymous with excess, health-minded guests are more concerned with quality than quantity. Consuming fresh food and sustainably-sourced ingredients is a top priority for them. There are many opportunities for casinos to incorporate clean-eating menu choices throughout their resort. Green juices and smoothies can be a profitable addition to an on-site coffee bar. These can be made to order or pre-bottled and offered as a grab-and-go option. Restaurants can appeal to guests who observe restrictive diets by incorporating vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-fat dishes in their menus. Likewise, cocktail menus can be modified to include a selection of “skinny” drink options.

Some casino guests enjoy exercising even when they’re on vacation. Many larger casinos have sizeable on-site fitness centers with a wide array of free weights and cardio machines. However, even a casino without a dedicated gym can offer guests an opportunity to get a workout in during their stay. Yoga classes and guided meditation can be offered either pool-side or in a ballroom during early morning hours.

Spa treatments are another popular option for guests seeking to partake in some self-care during their stay. Casinos with on-site spas should focus on creating a quiet sanctuary where people can take a break from the energy on the casino floor. Small touches like ambient noise and aromatherapy can help add to a relaxing atmosphere.

Any casino can position themselves as a health and wellness destination. With proper kitchen staff training and quality food and drink suppliers, healthy dining options can easily be incorporated into a resort’s current menu. Partnering with suppliers that offer a wide variety of quality clean eating options doesn’t have to affect operating costs. As purchasing specialists, Source1 Purchasing has the ability to get casinos the best possible prices from top-rated suppliers.

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