Many qualities factor into making a sales person exceptional at their job. Some of these qualities include, but are not limited to, a high energy level, personal motivation, and a pleasing personality, but even if someone doesn’t naturally embody all these traits, there are opportunities for a person to become better at selling. The following are just a few skills that are essential to improving a person’s ability to become great at the business of selling for hotels and resorts. Encouraging and teaching your staff to intentionally focus on each of these customer service skills can significantly increase their ability to make a sale:

  1. Listen. Listening more and talking less radiates intelligence. Be sure your staff asks a few key questions, and then allows the guest to speak and complete his or her thought; try not to oversell and let the customer do the talking.
  2. Features. As long as the features of your property can be seen as valuable to your prospective customer, then it’s okay to discuss them with your prospects. It would be pointless for a sales person to go on about your vast parking lot if a guest will be flying in. Make sure they take the time to learn the needs of your prospects, decide what features would be most important to them, and then continue to discuss the benefits and advantages of those features.
  3. Image. Your hotel’s image is formed by not only the building and its decor, but by your staff and the atmosphere created by them as hosts; by their looks, voice and ability to communicate effectively as well. An enthusiastic tone of voice is a vital attribute of outstanding sales people. It is also helpful to know the right thing to say and how to say it. As well, all staff should be clean and look professional.
  4. Motivation. Another trait of great sales people is the ability to successfully motivate others. In the business of selling, it is important to motivate the prospective buyer to make the purchase. Be sure to inform your hotel sales staff of the appropriate way to encourage the prospective buyer to make the purchase.
  5. Get Noticed. Sales people must be visible in the business community. As a hotel operator, you should encourage your sales staff to be active in the community and join groups, give talks to groups, be quoted in the newspapers and make an appearance at important and relative business events. People are more likely to do business with someone who is reputable.
  6. Improve Communication Skills. Hotel sales staff should learn to articulate properly, and use correct grammar. Slang expressions and filler words, such as “umm”, “like”, and “ya know” should be avoided. By speaking correctly, not only will your staff be seen as intelligent, but their sales strategies will improve.
  7. Be Knowledgeable. Sales people should be knowledgeable of the hotel property, your competition, and the needs of the prospective buyers.
  8. Emit Confidence. The sales person’s confidence will translate into  the buyers’ confidence. If your staff shows a lack of confidence in themselves or your hotel it can lead to a reduction in sales.

How do you train your sales staff to interact with hotel guests and prospects?

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