There comes a pivotal moment at every hotel organization when hotel owners and managers finally decide they are ready to stand out from the competition. While other hotels often have similar rooms to rent — including comparable amenities and room rates — that does not mean they should enjoy more revenue and occupancy than you.

Sourcing specialty food and beverage products through a reputable company that provides hotel sourcing services will help leverage your hotel and/or restaurant in a highly competitive hospitality market.

Hotel sourcing services allow you to customize what you offer to your guests while also enabling you to deliver on your brand promise. Source1 Purchasing provides a comprehensive suite of services to the lodging and hospitality industries and offers flexible options and purchasing solutions to meet all of your hotel procurement and buying needs. Source1’s purchasing power can also help your hotel exceed guest expectations when they choose your specific facility or brand over any other hotel; you can net customer loyalty without wasting a lot of energy and without overextending your financial budget.

So are you ready to rise above the status quo?

You very well may be known by the brand your hotel represents, but it is also important for you to create your own signature, a “wow” factor that guests and customers will remember. When you take advantage of hotel sourcing services you can be more consistent in branding your hotel while attracting new customers to your property and growing a loyal customer base.

According to Jim Holthouser, senior vice president of brand management for Embassy Suites Hotels and John Lee, vice president of brand marketing for Embassy Suites Hotels and Hilton Worldwide, you must find a way to stand out from your competition, including other hotels within the same brand.

Together, Holthouser and Lee shared the following reality check in an article published on the Hotel Business Review website: “The sheer size of the domestic hotel industry — over two hundred brands boasting 51,000+ properties and over 4.8 million rooms (according to STR’s census and chain-scale segments listing) — makes it even more important for hoteliers to find ways to make their offering stand out among the competition.”

In their discussion about successful branding, Holthouser and Lee also encouraged hoteliers to learn when and how to be flexible within their own brand. “Flexibility also comes in the form of allowing each hotel to develop a distinct personality and embrace the local culture of its market, as long as it always ladders up to the overall brand vision.”

The hotel sourcing services provided by Source1 Purchasing empower you to deliver creative food, ensure consistent quality, stay true to your brand and achieve higher customer satisfaction. You can actually surprise your customers with hard-to-find food and beverage products that they will enjoy experiencing without losing the consistency they are accustomed to with your hotel brand.

This is when you will begin to pull away from your competition. If you already cover the basics of good customer service that guests have come to expect from your brand and your property, then the special food and beverage items you have discovered and shared with them will be what is unique about your operation.

Seasonal items on your menu can also create a unique experience for your guests, but you can easily waste a lot of time when you try to do the shopping yourself. Instead of running from store to store and trying to find everything you need at the best prices, why not explore a new option? One of the greatest benefits of using Source1 Purchasing.

Purchasing is that you will have more time and energy to devote to your guest because you don’t have to worry about your food and beverage purchasing.

After all, the guest is the most important element of a hotel operation. Hotel sourcing services help you bring all the other important components together so you can concentrate on providing a most memorable hotel experience.

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