While hotels must be able to cater to a number of different customer groups, business travelers are a particularly lucrative segment that you want to be sure to target. While many travelers might look for ways to stretch their dollar, guests who travel for business tend to be more liberal with their spending. By understanding the types of amenities that business travelers look for, you can better target these valuable guests and attract business travelers to your establishment.

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Fitness Rooms

Many business travelers enjoy the ability to maintain their fitness routine while they are away from home. This seems to be especially true for millennials. While hotels with fitness rooms may have an advantage over hotels that don’t, you want to make sure that you offer the type of equipment your guests want. If all your fitness room offers is a treadmill and a few hand weights, then you might want to consider adding in some newer aerobic and weight machines. If your hotel is not in a position to update your fitness area, then consider partnering with a nearby gym to give your guests access to the type of equipment they want.

Laundry Services

Business travelers need to make sure that their clothes are pressed and ready for the meetings they have planned. While many hotels offer laundry services, they are not always adequately advertised. When targeting business travelers, be sure to promote the specific laundry services that your hotel offers. Same-day dry cleaning services can help put your hotel ahead of the pack.


Technology has changed the way we interact with the world around us. Today’s business travelers have high expectations when it comes to the digital services that your hotel offers. You must do more than simply offer free access to high-speed internet. Business travelers want to engage with your hotel digitally, which means that amenities such as mobile check-in, mobile keys, and a digital concierge are all convenient ways to allow your guests to access the services they need.

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