Attracting families is an important priority for many hotels. While traveling families has always been a lucrative demographic for the hospitality industry, there is more opportunity than ever for hotels who are committed to being “family-friendly”. Studies show that younger parents are traveling with their children at a growing rate. Millennial parents specifically will often travel with their young children three or more times a year. By taking a few simple steps to make sure that parents with small children feel comfortable and welcomed, a hotel can easily build a reputation for themselves as a family-friendly establishment.

Child-Friendly Amenities & Activities

Most traveling families will include some downtime in their itinerary. Even when they’re not out exploring the city, parents will still need to have some activities lined up for their children while they’re relaxing at their hotel. Hotels can help parents keep their children entertained by offering special amenities they can enjoy during their stay. Some popular choices include kid-friendly DVD’s or video gaming systems that parents can barrow during their stay. Other family-friendly hotels go a step further and offer organized activities for children such as arts and crafts classes.

The Comforts of Home

For many parents, traveling with small children can be enjoyable but also stressful at times. Chances are, especially if they have a small baby in tow, parents will not be able to pack all the comforts of home with them when they travel. Family-friendly hotels can help create a safe and comfortable stay for their youngest guests by offering special accommodations just for small children. Most importantly, small babies need a safe place to sleep. Hotels should source quality cribs from their trusted furnishing supplier for parents to use during their stay. Some other popular offerings include:

  • Play Yards
  • Strollers
  • Childproofing Items (such as outlet covers)
  • Night Lights
  • Food & Beverage Programs for Kids

It’s not uncommon for children to be picky about what they eat. Hotels should make it a point to add child-friendly menu items to their food and beverage program. Another thing to consider is that parents will need to have healthy snacks on hand for their children while they are out sightseeing. It’s a good idea for child-friendly hotels to offer grab-and-go items that parents can easily purchase before they set out to enjoy their activities for the day.

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