With the recession in the rear-view mirror, now is the time to explore procurement solutions that can help rejuvenate and add value to your hotel.

The transaction volume for 2013 is forecast to reach $18.5 billion, a 5.7 percent increase over 2012 levels, according to an article on the 4Hoteliers website. Analysts have a bullish outlook as the economy continues to improve.

For hotel owners, that means there’s no better time to consider ways to enhance your property and benefit from the projected growth in travel spending.

When considering renovations, look at what provides the highest ROI, adds value and gives you an edge over your competition.

  1. Wi Fi  |  A great place to start is by adding Wi-Fi to your property. Hotels with Wi-Fi use it as a selling point and experience high customer satisfaction ratings. Many guests have come to expect Wi-Fi when they stay in a hotel.
  2. Business Center   |  Business centers are also great additions for hotels that cater to corporate travelers. They can add value by providing business travelers with a place to print business documents or boarding passes.
  3. Restaurant Refresh  |  Renovating restaurant facilities is another key area to focus on. Technology is an integral part of travelers’ lives these days, and they expect to be able to connect wherever they are. Make the dining areas tech-friendly by putting outlets near tables so guests can multitask — charge their phone, check their email, etc. — while they enjoy their meals.
  4. Audit Resources  |  Another easy way to add value and cut costs is to comparison shop your phone and Internet plans. Compare service providers and see who’s offering the best plan in your area. Just like consumers, this can also save operators money.

Source1 Purchasing has access to extensive procurement solutions for all of your food and beverage, operating supplies, maintenance and renovation needs. From flooring and fixtures to equipment and supplies, Source1 can help you bring guests the latest comforts and conveniences, and rejuvenate your hotel so that it thrives in the improving economy.

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