In recent years, Millennials have led the charge in the now widely-adopted convenience culture. When it comes to dining, consumers have come to expect on-demand services and flexible delivery options. Restaurants, cafes, and hotels have had to diversify their offerings to maintain their market share. With so many restaurants now offering speedy delivery services, consumers have more quality choices available to them ever. Restaurants need to find the right balance of quality, selection, and speed to earn diners’ business.

Technology has become a huge asset in helping the food industry accommodate customers and their need for instant gratification. Automated food ordering now works seamlessly with smartphones, allowing customers to order delivery from their favorite restaurant with a click of a button, or place their latte order before ever stepping foot into their local coffee house. But what about a walk-in customer who wants food in a hurry? For many cafes and restaurants, including those in hotels, their traditional offerings may require too much time to prep for customers that are on the go. That has many establishments looking to add pre-packaged items to their menus.

The rise of the convenience culture has forced hotels and restaurants to evaluate their suppliers and strategically source products that appeal to customers on-the-go. There is still a need to cater to traditional dine-in guests but having a selection of quality pre-packaged options available for customers in a hurry can be a valuable additional revenue stream if it’s done properly. Healthy grab-and-go snacks, bistro box lunches and upscale beverages like pressed juices are all popular offerings. Some of these items may be available directly from hospitality suppliers, but many restaurants and hotels may also choose to assemble these offerings in-house.

Convenience foods require vastly different packaging solutions than traditional take out. Containers need to be small and present their contents in an attractive way. Strategic sourcing of high-quality retail food packaging is integral to making grab-and-go offerings appealing to customers. Just because they want something quick and convenient, doesn’t mean consumers are willing to compromise on quality.

Partnering with a procurement consulting specialist like Source1 Purchasing can be helpful in sourcing the hospitality supplies your restaurant or hotel needs to create successful on-demand offerings for your customers.

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