Designing a website for your restaurant is a great step to take in order to gain new customers – but only if you use it effectively. Even if you have a large amount of traffic on your website, it means nothing if those visitors never actually dine at your restaurant. Here are some tips that can help you take those people from online visitors to offline visitors.

Get more reviews. Most people like to read online reviews about restaurants before deciding to dine somewhere. Reviews allow guests to explain their experiences at an establishment, and if those reviews are good, you have a better chance of increasing the amount of guests to your restaurant. Create profiles on review websites, such as Yelp, and be sure to include a link to your website so that people who visit the review site can access your restaurant’s website. You should also include the same great reviews from the on your own page.

Go mobile. Now more than ever, people are using their mobile devices more than their desktop devices to search the web.  This means that you need to design your website to be mobile-friendly. When your site is mobile-friendly, those searching for a restaurant to dine in will be able to easily access your site from their smartphones and tablets.  When designing your site to be mobile-friendly, be sure that visitors can access your menu, address and other appropriate information about your restaurant from their mobile devices with ease.

Provide online ordering ability. In today’s society, everyone seems to be in a hurry, meaning they are looking for a fast and convenient way to order their food. To attract these customers to your establishment, you may want to consider providing an online ordering option for to-go orders from your website. To make the process easier for guests, include a complete menu on your website and set it up so that ordering and paying are as simple as the click of a button.  Remember to quote a time for when the order will be ready for pick up. Quick, hassle-free online ordering will is sure to increase your customer base.

Offer incentives. By offering incentives online you are encouraging online visitors to keep returning to your restaurant. For example, you could include a coupon code on your website for a discount when online visitors sign up for your newsletter or when they like you on Facebook.  You may even want to create a loyalty program online for your regular guests. This encourages those who are already visiting your site to become customers, and it helps to further spread the word about your restaurant.  With these easy tactics, you can turn your website visitors into guests in your restaurant, therefore increasing your sales.

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