Hoteliers know that upselling guests is a great way to create additional revenue for their hotel. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to offer your guests add-on products and services. If you come across as too “salesy,” you risk the chance of damaging your relationship with your guest. However, if you approach them with the right offers, a hotel upsell can actually improve guest experience. Here are the best strategies for successfully upselling your hotel guests.

Make it Personal

It is possible to improve a guest’s experience at your hotel by offering them supplementary services. The most important thing to remember is that the more personal the offer, the better. When upselling your hotel guests, you want to present them with offers that align with their preferences and travel circumstances. This is where your front desk staff and concierge team will play a vital role.

The more data they can collect about a guest during their initial interaction with them, the better. For example, if you find out your guest is traveling with their small children, they likely won’t be interested in a wine tasting experience. However, that guest may be interested in tickets to a local children’s museum or in the child-friendly menu items available through room service. Your primary goal is to forge a relationship with your guests so they learn to trust your recommendations.

Use Discounts Wisely

One way to entice a guest to take you up on an upsell is through a special discount. There are many guests who don’t take advantage of extra services such as room service, spa services, childcare, tours, etc. at a regular price. However, they may be more than willing to do so if they know they’re getting a good deal. This is especially true with young millennial parents who are keen on experiences but also very guarded with their finances. Again, it’s important that you offer your guests discounts only on items that are relevant to them.

Returning Guests

Returning guests are often much easier to upsell. They have a previous relationship with your hotel and have already experienced some of what you have to offer. Use any data you have from their previous stay to make personalized offers that can help make their return visit that much more special. Some popular hotel upsells for return guests can include:

  • Room upgrades
  • In-room extras such as bottles of wine
  • Meal packages

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