Have you ever heard the expression, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Encouraging all employees in your organization to wear uniforms may help grow the success of your business. Here are Source1 Purchasing’s top 5 reasons why uniforms are important in the hospitality industry.

1. Look good, feel good
If you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. Often times, this proves to be true. Having employees wear uniforms to work helps them stay focused. It is a physical reminder they are at work. When all personnel are in the right frame of mind and attentive to your guests’ needs, it certainly shows.

2. Exude confidence in your brand
What kind of environment do you work in? Is it fun, playful, casual or sophisticated? Uniforms are meant to accurately represent your brand and your brand concept. Khakis and a t-shirt depict a more casual, laid back customer experience while black pants along with a button-up shirt or tie often depict a more upscale customer experience. Employee uniforms are another way to let your customers see who you are. Also, they indicate to your employees how they should deliver service to customers.

3. A feeling of equality
Uniforms act as reminders that while at work, all employees are on the same “playing field.” Regardless of each employee’s background and history, all crew members will be treated equally and are valued members of the team.

4. A cohesive team
Along with solidifying your brand identity and exuding equality, having employees wear uniforms keeps the work crew looking and feeling committed. All employees should own the same core values when at work. A uniform helps the team members feel as if they are one, unified team of individuals.

5. Help customers identify staff
Whether you work in a hotel or at a restaurant, the last thing you want is a customer not knowing who to approach for help. When all employees are in uniforms, this rarely happens. This is one benefit that is often overlooked, but is arguably the most influential.

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