Success in the hospitality industry is all about cultivating relationships. It isn’t enough to simply get a guest to walk through your doors. You want to provide them with such a great experience that they can’t wait to book their next visit. In order for hotels and resorts to build strong, long-term relationships with their customers, they must constantly look for opportunities to add value to their guests’ experience. Paying special attention to even the smallest details can help improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business.

Building Guest Relationships


If you study the most successful hospitality brands, you will see that they are all very committed to consistency. Guests like to know that they can count on consistent service, pricing, and amenities when they book their favorite hotel. Being able to rely on a hotel for a consistently positive experience makes booking their stay a stress-free experience for your loyal customers.

Personized Experience

Any good relationship is a two-way street. You’ve taken steps to help your guests get to know you. In turn, you should take the time to get to know your guests. Put systems in place to record guests’ preferences so you can offer them a more personalized experience during future stays. This is where even the smallest boutique hotel can compete with a large chain. The importance of experience often surpasses facilities when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Avoid Complacency

Even if you’re incredibly committed to creating a great customer experience, there will always be room for improvement. You can embrace innovation without moving away from your brand’s identity that your customers already know and trust. Therefore, try to look for small ways you can enhance your repeat guest’s experience like upgraded linens or exciting new menu choices. If you can make a repeat guest feel like they’re getting more for their money with each stay, you will have a customer for life.

Keep in Touch

Even if a repeat guest only travels once a year, it’s still very important to keep in constant contact with them. Company newsletters are a great way to keep past guests up-to-date on what’s happening at your hotel. Remember, your past guests are often your best advertisers.

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