The Complete Guide to Co-Sourcing [eBook]

Understanding How Co-Sourcing Can Benefit Your Business

With operators spending as much as 50% of their budgets on supplies and services, it’s imperative they ensure that spending is as efficient and effective as possible. In this new eBook, you’ll gain insight into what co-sourcing is, including its history, how it works, its many benefits and what to look for in a co-sourcing partner. Our goal is to provide you with enough information to determine if co-sourcing is right for your operation and how you can best proceed if you decide that it is.

Who’s using strategic co-sourcing?

  • Hospitality organizations
  • Restaurants/catering
  • Entertainment operations
  • Event producers
  • Travel companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Management companies

The vast wave of co-sourcing that’s transforming how small-to-medium size hospitality operators across North America are conducting their procurement is accelerating. Now’s the time for operators to adopt a more strategic alignment with best practices that embraces co-sourcing and its benefits.

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