Purchasing 101 [eBook]

Understanding all a PSO has to offer

What is a PSO and how can it benefit your organization? Sometimes understanding how a PSO, or purchasing services organization, works can be confusing. In our brand new eBook, Purchasing 101, we discuss what exactly a PSO is and how it can work in your favor to ensure you are delivering the experience your guests expect as well as enjoy. At Source1 Purchasing, we are operators serving operators, which means we are strongly committed to ensuring you have all the resources needed in order to run your operation in a streamline and effective manner.

How does a PSO reduce operating costs?
• Consolidating purchasing power
• Aggregating the demand for supplies and services on behalf of their clients
• Reducing staffing overhead costs (in some cases)
• Establishing contracts to achieve preferred pricing, terms and service standards

The idea behind this Purchasing 101 eBook is to share the basic benefits behind the benefits of belonging to a purchasing services organization. As part of our ongoing effort to share helpful information, this Purchasing 101 eBook is also part of a continuing series from Source1 University.


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