Hotel, restaurant and casino operators that oversee multiple locations share a common objective: to turn first-time customers into loyal regulars, who then serve as enthusiastic advocates to attract new customers. This requires maintaining brand consistency across all locations.

One key strategy to managing brand consistency is to effectively select and maintain relationships with suppliers. But, managing these relationships can be a colossal juggling act with a variety of moving parts. By working with a purchasing partner, you will have an industry expert available to:

  • research suppliers and give you the best quality at the best price at any given time.
  • constantly re-negotiate and stay abreast of changing external factors that could impact your costs.
  • track your payments, manage your reconciliations, back-orders and rebates.

We’re Source1 Purchasing, and we invite you to imagine a new, more effective approach to procurement. By joining thousands of other companies and tapping into our large network of trusted suppliers, you will always get the best possible prices available, so you can maintain your decision-making control and manage your brand standards.

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