Restaurant operators are looking for more ways to save money these days to adjust for  the rising costs of beef and produce. To help your establishment cut back on costs, here are some tips to reduce energy, water usage and waste management costs.

1. Use energy efficient light bulbs. Switching to an energy efficient light bulb can save up to $22 per bulb per year, which can over time add up to significant savings. You should also remember to turn the lights off when they aren’t in use – motion sensor lights can help with this.

2. Run the dishwasher when it’s full. By waiting to wash the dishes until the dishwasher is full, you are able to cut down on water usage, soap and energy costs.

4. Install low flow faucets and toilets. By doing so you will save between 20 to 40 percent of water usage.

5. Turn down the thermostat. You’ll be surprised at the cost difference between keeping the temperature at 68 degrees rather than 72 degrees.

6. Use porcelain instead of paper or plastic. Rather than using disposable plates and cups, you may want to consider a one time investment for china, glass and silver – you will save on disposal costs, and as an added bonus reduce wastes in today’s landfills

7. Invest in energy efficient appliances. With energy efficient appliances, not only will you save on energy usage, but some states even offer restaurants tax credits and other incentives for switching to energy efficient appliances.

8. Trim down your menu. If there are certain items on your menu that just aren’t selling, then remove those items. This will help reduce food waste and keep food costs under control.

9. Take advantage of e-marketing. In today’s society, more people are opting to receive their information online rather than the yellow pages. From creating your own website to online advertising, there are many inexpensive ways to spread the word about your business.

10. Train your staff. Teach your staff to sort recyclables, turn off lights, and inform you of any issues that could be costing you money, such as a leaky faucet.

What steps are you taking to ensure reduced costs in your restaurant?

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