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Mustard greens are often referred to differently across various cuisines,  “Indian mustard,” “Kai Choi” and sometimes “leaf mustard” but regardless of the name, the greens are sure to bring a tangy mustard flavor to a variety of foods.

These greens work well with bacon, onions or garlic and they also can be used to spice up soups, stews or salad dishes. Recently, restaurants have been featuring mustard greens in standalone dishes as a flavorful addition and many “food-forward” operators across the country are now adding this strong flavor to their main menu items. Even Bobby Flay is getting into the act with this recipe.

Operators who want to add zest to their menu and bring a delicious flavor to their guests’ dining experience should consider the promising projection of the mustard greens trend. Source1 Purchasing platform is the perfect way to bring this trend to your customers.

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What it is:

The leaves of the mustard plant.

Why it matters:

According to food writer Elizabeth Schneider, there are only a few world cuisines that utilize mustard greens: those in India, China, Africa, and the American South. And though not as widely used as other greens, according to MenuTrends data, mustard greens have increased 55% on restaurant menus from four years ago. Mustard greens are often lumped into the category of “greens” – along with the turnip and collards that are widely used in Southern cuisine. There are many different ways to cook mustard greens. Because of their pungent, bitter mustard flavor, the greens are often added to soups or stews, or cooked down with bacon, onions, or garlic. Mustard greens are also known as gai choy or Indian mustard – pickled mustard is found at many Asian grocers and is often used as a salty, sour side dish. Young mustard greens are often included in mesclun salad mixes, but are now starring in standalone dishes.

Fusia | New York, NY
Served with lime fish sauce, pickled mustard.——————————————————————-
Pho Xe Tang | Chicago, IL
Cooked with chopped shrimp chicken soup, onion,
green onion, cilantro, and ginger.——————————————————————-
Walter’s Cafe| Beverly Hills, CA
GNOCCI ($10.00)
Ricotta gnocchi, mustard greens in an ouzo tomato
Area Four | Cambridge, MA
Cauliflower, mustard greens, roasted red onion,
croutons, capers, and mustard vinaigrette.
Cock of the Walk | Nashville, TN
Mustard greens seasoned and simmered.——————————————————————-
Gato | New York, NY
DUCK CONFIT ($32.00)
Fregula sarda, delicata squash, mustard greens,


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