Enhance your breakfast menu and grow your bottom line with these three hot trends:

Patrons Love Latin American Flavors
Latin American dishes and flavors have experienced more than 50% growth over the last
year. Beyond adding popular Mexican dishes like breakfast burritos, tortas and huevos
rancheros to your menu, add these trending flavors to existing menu items for a new

Chipotle – Up 23% since 2012
Habanero – Up 120% since 2012
Mole – Up 61% since 2012
Poblano – Up 54% since 2012

Healthy Eating Has Been Redefined
Customers are less interested in low fat and low calories, looking instead for general
wholesomeness. Freshness, clean eating and flavorful foods are the new healthy, so
products that are organic, whole grain or free range are growing in popularity. Kale is
one vegetable that is enjoying a huge surge in popularity due to its healthy halo; use is
up 118% since 2012! Smoothies, blended with fresh fruit and kale, are a great option
that healthy eaters will love!

Gluten-Free for All
With 30% of American adults avoiding gluten, update your menu to meet this growing
demand. Gluten-free menu offerings are up 146% since 2012. Check for gluten-free
alternatives to make your menu more accessible, like gluten-free pancakes or baked

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