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Want to Reduce Your Food Cost 3‑5%?

We at Source1 Purchasing created the Descending Dollar Food Report from your monthly distributor food purchases to provide a sound strategy to leverage your buying power to the max.

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How Hotels Can Attract More Business Travelers

Hotels must cater to a number of different customer groups. However, business travelers are a particularly lucrative market segment that hoteliers should be targeting with their marketing and services. While many leisure travelers will often look for ways to stretch...

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How to Create the Perfect Breakfast Bar

The best way to help your guests start their day off right is by providing them with a great breakfast. In fact, many guests site quality breakfast options as one of their main reasons for re-booking at a hotel. However, creating a standout breakfast bar can be...

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Benefits of LED Lighting in Hotels

LED lighting is one of the fastest growing interior design trends in the hospitality industry, and for good reason. LED lights are long-lasting, economical, and can be used in a multitude of ways throughout your property. We’ve long known that LED is among the most...

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