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How to Handle Guest Complaints

While it’s never thrilling to receive complaints from guests, you can use them to your advantage to help improve your hotel operations. If you aren’t quite sure how a guest complaint should be handled, we’ve provided some tips to help you out: Dealing with negative...

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Good News and Bad News

Three developments hurting the restaurant industry and three trends you can use to combat them By Gabrielle Gresge The final month of 2014 has ushered in time to look simultaneously forward and backward: backward to assess the trends and financial situation of the...

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New Trends for the Most Important Meal of the Day

Enhance your breakfast menu and grow your bottom line with these three hot trends: Patrons Love Latin American Flavors Latin American dishes and flavors have experienced more than 50% growth over the last year. Beyond adding popular Mexican dishes like breakfast...

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Risky Pathogen-Food Combinations to Look Out For

The University of Florida Emerging Pathogens Institute has identifies the top 10 most ‘unwanted’ pathogen-food combinations. This list of the riskiest combinations of foods and disease-causing microorganisms has been provided in order to protect consumers from the...

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4 Food Safety Myths Busted

We’ve all been there – you look in the refrigerator and grab those leftovers that were hiding in the back, open the container, and take a big whiff. It smells fine, so does that mean that it’s okay to eat? This is just one of many questions that people have in regard...

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