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Hotels are Cutting Room Service

As of recently, many hoteliers are opting to remove room service from their establishments to be replaced by a new food and beverage concept – a pantry market in the lobby. Many media outlets have been criticizing the loss of the traditional guest service in hotels,...

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Consumer Trends Driving Restaurant Decisions

While convenience and value are still the top factors when consumers make food decisions, there is now an increasing desire for a healthy lifestyle and  more mindful of food and beverage options. Mindfulness is a quality shared by both foodservice professionals and...

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Consumer Food Trends of 2014

It’s essential for restaurant owners to keep up with the latest consumer trends and adapt to those changes if they want to be successful. To keep you updated, we have created a list of some of the new consumer trends of this year. Quality over price. We typically...

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The Growth of Online Ordering

A restaurant’s virtual storefront is just as important as the actual storefront, where customers can interact and form a first impression. Customers visit your website to learn more about your business, including what’s available on your menu and where you are located...

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Skills Required to Maintain Your Online Reputation

It can be a challenge managing your restaurant’s online reputation with the world of online reviews consistently rising. However, it is not impossible. After running your business all day, it’s exhausting spending a couple of hours managing your online reputation, but...

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