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The Growth of Online Ordering

A restaurant’s virtual storefront is just as important as the actual storefront, where customers can interact and form a first impression. Customers visit your website to learn more about your business, including what’s available on your menu and where you are located...

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Skills Required to Maintain Your Online Reputation

It can be a challenge managing your restaurant’s online reputation with the world of online reviews consistently rising. However, it is not impossible. After running your business all day, it’s exhausting spending a couple of hours managing your online reputation, but...

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How to Handle Guest Complaints

While it’s never thrilling to receive complaints from guests, you can use them to your advantage to help improve your hotel operations. If you aren’t quite sure how a guest complaint should be handled, we’ve provided some tips to help you out: Dealing with negative...

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Good News and Bad News

Three developments hurting the restaurant industry and three trends you can use to combat them By Gabrielle Gresge The final month of 2014 has ushered in time to look simultaneously forward and backward: backward to assess the trends and financial situation of the...

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