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Healthier Foods in Schools Can Improve Student Diets

It’s no secret that schools have a reputation for providing students with food items that are not very healthy. But by offering healthier options in school vending machines and in the a la carte lines, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, the overall diet of...

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Top 10 Restaurant Trends of 2014

As predicted by the National Restaurant Association (NRA), the following are hot food and beverage trends for the upcoming year. Check out what you can expect to see in 2014: 1. Locally sourced meats and seafood 2. Locally grown produce 3. Environmental sustainability...

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Buyer Recognition Guide

How familiar are you with your buyers and their needs? The following is a list of seven categories to help you distinguish between different buyers and their expectations. As you read through the list, try and determine which buyer you are trying to attract. The...

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Mobile POS Trends in the Restaurant Industry

To be a successful restaurant operator, it’s important to realize that squeezing out a one or two percent profit margin relies mainly on the level of customer service. Many restaurant operators believe that to achieve this level of customer service, more steps need to...

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