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Keep Calm and Be Consistent

To achieve reliable performance, many restaurant owners and chefs have discovered the power of working with a partner such as Source1 Purchasing. With our purchasing solution and online marketplace, all your locations can access a centralized purchasing platform, so the same standard of high-quality ingredients can be used system-wide.

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The Secret Sauce of Supplier Selection

Choosing the right suppliers that match the flavor of your business and continuously evaluating their performance can be time-consuming, but the rewards can be very sweet. Here are some areas for hotel owners, chefs and food & beverage managers to contemplate when choosing suppliers.

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Maintain Brand Consistency Across Locations

For a franchisor or a management company, affiliating with a Purchasing Services Organization (PSO) provides an effective solution to many of these challenges. A PSO allows you to set up the systems and processes needed to take advantage of bulk purchasing across locations.

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Competitive Pricing Insights…and More

Becoming a partner with a Purchasing Services Organization (PSO) allows hospitality professionals
to access and reap the potential rewards of industry-wide purchasing data, which is more robust and
meaningful than what they had in the past.

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Purchasing – You Don’t have to Do it Alone

You control your purchasing environment while procurement specialists manage the details. The program is flexible enough that you can continue working with your own suppliers. There is no cost to participate and the agreement can be terminated without penalty as early as 30 days after you are enrolled in the program.

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Tips for Smart Commodity Buying

According to the National Restaurant Association 2017 Restaurant Industry Outlook, a gradually improving economy will help restaurant-industry sales continue to advance in 2017, but restaurant operators continue to face margin pressures, a tightening labor market and some lingering consumer uncertainty.

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