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Source1 Purchasing Program Overview

As the leading Purchasing Services Organization (PSO), we will use our $10 billion in purchasing power and 1,000 supplier contracts to help you discover value beyond savings; access, grow and strengthen supplier relationships; and control quality standards in every location.

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NICA “Together We Can!”

“Together We Can!” That’s the NICA theme and it couldn’t be more appropriate. We at Source1 Purchasing remain committed to our partnership with Sysco and NICA and together, we will continue to harness the power of purchasing.

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The Pressure is On

You need reliable access to food, beverages, equipment and supplies to ensure that your menu items are prepared to perfection, so customers are consistently delighted. Selecting specialty ingredients allows you to offer memorable signature dishes.

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A Sure Bet for Gaming Managers

Find time to manage the Food and Beverage program, stay on top of your Operations, Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) inventory, enhance your service quality and control your brand standards and pay the lowest prices possible, capture all earned rebates and earn a profit.

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Consistency: The Breakfast of Champions

Your guests remember having a hot breakfast at one of your hotels, they will expect the same if they stay at another in a different location. Guests want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when they stay at a specific hotel brand they will receive the same level of service and quality.

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