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Category Name: FROZEN
Major Description: BAKERY PRODUCT
Contracted brands: BELPASTRY

Overview & Program Value
BelPastry is the Source1-entegra Program preferred manufacturer partner for fine laminated dough. The core components of the BelPastry Program are pre-proofed freezer to oven products that makes “Take & bake” more than a slogan, targeted for the Lodging, Leisure, Casino and Catering industries. BelPastry’s primary focus is to never compromise on appearance, quality or taste. Products reflect the exquisite taste of tradition while using modern methods to ensure high-quality and oven fresh standards. Key benefits are freezer to oven products featuring consistency, high quality and competitive pricing.

1. Order products today through your primary distributer: Sysco
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2. Work with your BelPastry representative to determine and compare your value needs, quality and production requirement per the product application.

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P | 901.254.8445
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Product Information
Deviated pricing and rebates on core list product items.
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Distribution Source: Sysco
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Source1 Supplier Contact
Barry Blick, BelPastry
O | (410) 490-3102
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