The maintenance staff are some of the most important team members at a hotel. The hotel maintenance staff makes sure that issues are handled quickly and efficiently. This ensures that hotel guests can enjoy their stay with minimal disruptions. It’s important that your maintenance team is equipped to quickly react to any situation. However, taking preventative measures to avoid as many issues as possible is even more crucial.

How Preventative Maintenance Improves Customer Experience

Hoteliers are committed to providing their guests with a comfortable, worry-free stay at their hotel. Part of ensuring that guests have a positive experience at your hotel is sparing them from any sort of inconveniences. This is where preventative maintenance comes into play. By taking regular steps to mitigate issues throughout your hotel and maintaining its appearance, you can rest assured that your guests will have the opportunity to experience your hotel at its best. Here are some of our top preventative maintenance tips for hotel operators.

Be Proactive

Your support staff should spend a significant amount of their time inspecting every area of your hotel for signs of wear or other issues. This includes identifying paint, carpet, tile, and other finishes that may be in need of repair. Although these may seem like minor details, guests do take notice of them. Additionally, make sure the rest of your staff is trained to communicate any issues they see with the maintenance team.

Regularly Scheduled Service Providers

For systems and equipment that your internal staff isn’t able to maintain themselves, don’t wait until there’s a problem to request a visit from your outside service providers. Your preventative maintenance plan should include them as well. For example, equipment such as HVAC units, irrigation systems, and major kitchen appliances should be inspected on a regular basis. Work with your service providers to create a maintenance schedule that will keep all of your equipment running properly.

Keep Track of Incidents

Therefore, it can be very beneficial to have a system in place for tracking data pertaining to maintenance issues. Tracking incidents over a period of time can help you pinpoint areas where problems are most likely to occur in the future. For example, you may find that you receive a disproportionate amount of complaints about the air conditioner in a particular room. This could point to a faulty system or an electrical issue. Recording incidents will prompt staff to investigate the root of the recurring problem.

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