A new buying program is available that will allow operators to gain access to lower prices, as well as reduce operation costs, ensure consistent product quality and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Priority Track, Source1 Purchasing’s new purchasing program, has a wide variety of features and benefits available to multi-unit hospitality groups, larger casinos, theme parks and resorts.

Taking some advantages from Source1 Purchasing’s Buyer Marketplace, Priority Track also includes a universal range of categories from food and beverage to capital equipment to small wares to small maintenance and lawn supplies and administration products. This sprawling range of categories available results in a greater savings potential obtained from contracting pricing at the lowest price across the board.

“Priority Track provides business enablement and supports organizational change through navigation that allows organizations to focus on their total cost of ownership while keeping business moving forward,” says Bob Bassett, Source1 Purchasing Senior Vice President, Operations. “The focus is on helping lodging, leisure and restaurant groups on staying relevant in marketplace.”

Priority Track offers customized procurement programs to fit the individual needs of an operator. In addition, it also provides hands-on dedicated program management by experienced operators, around the clock purchasing program access and detailed category knowledge.

In a time where every dollar matters, the increasing role of a smart purchasing solution that brings the right products at the right price to clients has revolutionized the way food and supply purchasing is being done.

Learn more about Priority Track and all it has to offer by contacting us today at 901.334.4000.

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