Have you ever heard the expression, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Encouraging all employees in your organization to wear uniforms may help grow the success of your business. Here are Source1 Purchasing’s top 5 reasons why uniforms are important in the hospitality industry. 1. Look good, feel good If.. read more →

Although chefs are important at every stage of the food creation process, one often-overlooked step occurs at the loading dock.  1. Having a chef on the back dock ensures maximum quality—and safeguards against subpar ingredients. Checking for product quality is especially important when items are sold by weight or refrigerated. It’s common practice to check.. read more →

Here Are some spotlights on healthy eating and its growing trend read more →

In the fast-paced, grab-and-go kitchen environment, time is everything. Although some ingredients and recipes are best made from scratch, bringing quality pre-made products into your kitchen can save time and ultimately make for a more efficient atmosphere. While pre-made ingredients almost always create efficiency in any situation, using shelf-stable products can drive down food preparation.. read more →

When it comes to price, it’s easy to want the easiest and cheapest option. However, building profits doesn’t necessarily come from just reducing spending. “Our goal as Source1 is to expose operators to our knowledge base and experience,” said Molly Fierro, VP of programs. “We try to manage overall cost; it’s an expanded way to.. read more →

What should we be thinking about in the hospitality industry? How do we assure long-term financial viability? Well the answer has not really changed since the dawn of Marketing. “Long-term financial viability comes when someone–in our case, guests–gladly pay for our offerings.” Wise words from Trevor Stuart-Hill of Revenue Matters. But how do we assure.. read more →

Good News and Bad News

December 8, 2014

  Three developments hurting the restaurant industry and three trends you can use to combat them By Gabrielle Gresge The final month of 2014 has ushered in time to look simultaneously forward and backward: backward to assess the trends and financial situation of the past year, and forward to understand the implications of those trends.. read more →

A Group Purchasing Organization, or GPO, is an organization that creates and facilitates efficient, price-reducing relationships between operators and suppliers. Much like a dating service, a GPO seeks operators and suppliers and matches them according to operator needs and suppliers’ ability to meet those needs—creating a network of exchanges and relationships within an industry. In.. read more →

Designing and implementing a successful purchasing program doesn’t have to be an excruciating process. However, in order to accomplish such a purchasing program, you must put in it some thought and take time to plan. The following are a just few things you can do now to improve your purchasing program and begin saving money as you.. read more →

Forget the outdated concept of room service and embrace the newest trend in the hospitality industry: the hotel pantry. The pantry is available to meets the needs of your guests when they are looking for a light snack, quick meal or even some aspirin after a long day of traveling. This recent hospitality trend has.. read more →