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A “One Stop Shop” for access to over 1,000 suppliers representing over 9,000 high-quality products, from “parking lot to rooftop” including Food & Beverage, Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E), Regional, Service, Capital Equipment & Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E).

Food & Beverage Prime Distribution

Pricing agreements with over 750 manufacturers, available through Sysco.

Some of our Food & Beverage Prime Distribution brands and suppliers are below. For a full list, please Contact Us.


Direct supplier programs for 7 categories for everything from parking lot to rooftop. Some of our Direct brands and suppliers are below. For a full list, please Contact Us.

Food & Beverage

Operating Supplies, Linen, Chemical

Equipment, Replenishment & Capital

Office Products, Admin Services & Uniforms

Building Facilities & Energy Management

Maintenance, Engineering & Grounds


A broad network of regional suppliers covering several categories of specific food service needs.

  • Produce: Fresh, specialty and pre-cut; in-season, organic and locally grown; fixed weekly pricing to minimize fluctuations
  • Specialty Food: Wide selection of domestic and imported goods; shorter lead times; specialty goods in multiple categories including cheese and pastry
  • Bakery: Fresh, locally baked goods; frequency of deliveries; regional preferences
  • Meat and Seafood: Certified, sustainable seafood; specialty and ethnic meat; fresh cuts
  • Linen: Regional linen service from a range of top-quality suppliers

For more information about our regional suppliers, please Contact Us.

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