Key Brands
Buffalo Nuts, Grabeez, York’s Harvest, Dip & Devour, Recharge bars

Tropical Nut & Fruit

Grocery, Nuts & Nut Meal, Dried Fruit, Snacks

Tropical Nut & Fruit is the Source1 Program preferred partner for bulk and packaged snacks and specialty foods. Tropical Nut & Fruit (aka Tropical Foods) is a manufacturer and distributor of extensive product lines that extend far beyond nuts and dried fruit items targeted for the lodging, leisure, casino and catering industries.

Program Benefits and Pricing: Deviated pricing and/or rebates

Program Support: In order to distribute for all states within the United States, Truly Good Foods is a secondary supplier that will provide these same products, bulk and peg board candy and snacks, to areas not covered under the Tropical Fruit & Nut Contract.

Supplier Overview