Do you spend a major amount of your time and energy trying to create or even sustain a level of growth at your hotel property? Do you find it difficult to maintain the expectations of both your guests and your hotel owners? Hotel management demands expertise at multitasking.

When you are pulled in numerous directions and responsible for overseeing various departments, including sourcing and procurement, you can easily become overwhelmed and lose focus on what your hotel is all about – the guests. When your attention is on bidding products and services, or meeting with suppliers, you are not paying attention to the guest experience and the growth of your hotel.

Even if you are well organized, it can be difficult when you’re running a small hotel. You still need to deliver high levels of service, but you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to purchasing. Large hotels and restaurants qualify for volume discounts, getting top-quality foods and beverages at a lower cost. Smaller hotels want to compete on food and beverage quality but this can mean ballooning budgets.

Managers have the option to either feel powerless and frustrated, or find experts to contribute to their success. Your hotel could operate at a higher potential and experience recognition from your owners by implementing solutions.

After all, they want to see a return on their investment, and rightly so.

Aside from booking as many rooms as possible, you will feel pressure to discover every way possible to cut down on your expenses, save money for the business and generate more revenue.

How much time do you spend sourcing and procuring food and beverage items and hotel supplies? Do you really have time to seek out true comparisons of costs versus quality and quantity for all of your hotel departments? Chances are you do not.

There is a time element involved when it comes to sourcing and procurement best practices. Fortunately, you do not have to shoulder the pressures and burden of these expectations alone. In fact, there is a way to take your operation to the next level.

Why not explore a new way of managing your hotel operations?

Source1 Purchasing can help you:

  • Save time and money by customizing strategic purchasing and procurement programs for lodging, leisure, entertainment and event operations of all sizes.
  • By creating a partnership with you that adds value to all operational relationships.
  • Source key products and get volume discounts with key manufacturers and service providers.
  • Deliver on your hotel’s promise. By co-sourcing with Source1, you can honor the reputation of your brand and maintain your promise to your guests.

Co-sourcing allows for a procurement specialist to harness the entire supply chain in order to meet specific needs, while allowing owners and operators to remain in control of the purchasing decisions. Unlike outsourcing purchasing, which can be seen as surrendering, the co-sourcing formula works in that it keeps the purchasing power in the hands of the owner or operator. Small hotels, which once felt powerless, can now feel powerful when they leverage the power of co-sourcing.

Instead of stressing over sourcing and procurement for the needs of your hotel, choose to empower your hotel operations to provide quality products and increase the value for all of your guests.

Source1 wants you to see for yourself how you can put this purchasing power to work for your hotel. Locate the savings tool box found on our website home page. Select your business category and see what Source1 Purchasing can do for you.

By participating in a co-sourcing relationship with us, you will have more time along with the needed resources to make your business grow. This gives you time to develop other important elements of your hotel business. Are you ready to take your hotel operations to the next level?

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