On behalf of the Source1 Purchasing team, thank you to Elvis Morris Donkoh from The Global Opportunity (GO) Fund for joining our team for lunch in Boynton Beach Florida today!

To begin, Elvis shared his life experiences with us detailing how he began his journey growing up in Ghana, West Africa. Today he has dedicated his time towards creating a better quality of life for his home community. Georgette Cartagena, our Human Resources Generalist, was so inspired, she couldn’t resist asking Elvis to take a selfie with her!

Furthermore, the Global Opportunity (GO) Fund is a non-profit organization that promotes the empowerment and enrichment of the lives of women and children in Africa. They do this via educational, social support and entrepreneurial projects.

Additionally, they work hand-in-hand with African-based grassroots organizations to simultaneously build their capacity to serve their own communities while launching sustainable development projects that will carry on their work for years and generations to come.

Learn more at https://thegofund.org/

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